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Comunicato stampa / Media release – 29/10/2021

COMUNICATO STAMPA Zurigo, 29 ottobre 2021 – Momento storico. The Football Forum (TFF) dà il benvenuto alla Italian Association of Football Agents (IAFA) tra i suoi membri. Al termine dell’incontro, svoltosi ieri a Monaco tra il Presidente di TFF Mino Raiola ed una delegazione di IAFA, composta dal Presidente Christian Bosco, la Vice-Presidente Helga Leoni […]
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Media release – 19 April 2021

The Football Forum (TFF) stands to protect and secure player’s rights. Players must not suffer negative consequences because of developments in football. Players have not been a part of any talks, have had no say in this week’s events and nonetheless they are being used in this discussion. One point, however, is clear and confirms […]
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End of year statement

It has been an extraordinary year, and for football, this is no different. The entire game has been shaken up, with a pause to matches across the world, then games played without fans and now a slow, gradual return to normality. This has been an important year also for The Football Forum (“TFF”), which has […]
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