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The Football Forum and the Union of European Clubs sign agreement to better serve players, clubs and agents.

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  • The Football Forum and the Union of European Clubs sign agreement to better serve players, clubs and agents.

29 November, 2022.

The Union of European Clubs (UEC), the representative football body created to improve representation and advocacy for smaller and medium-sized professional clubs across Europe, has today signed a significant agreement with The Football Forum (TFF), the global association representing the interests of football agents and players.

The new cooperation agreement has been formed to better serve all players, clubs and agents in Europe – with a focus on:

– Improving the system of player transfers and registrations within Europe – and sharing each organisation’s knowledge to ensure transactions are processed properly and fairly;

– Strategies that better protect minors and youth players so their education and overall development are prioritised;

– Creating in-person and online forums to ensure clubs in economically less developed leagues can share benefits, knowledge and networking opportunities – enabling this level of football to be protected and remain sustainable;

– Fostering positive and supportive relationships between all member clubs and agents with the UEC and TFF, including the creation of fit-for-purpose system that can resolve disputes between members amicably;

– Developing a fair, stable and healthy professional football ecosystem that ensures the highest standards of governance and promotes healthy competitive balance across European football.

Dennis Gudasic, General Secretary of UEC, said:

“This is an exciting collaboration between the UEC and TFF. It is important to bring together members of both organisations to benefit football. It is only by working together that the whole game will improve for Fans, Players, Clubs and Agents as well as all of the other recognised stakeholders. We look forward to working in partnership”.

Jonathan Barnett, Vice-President of TFF, said:

“This is an important step for football. We are firmly convinced that the trustful and unfiltered dialogue between all stakeholders in football is the right way forward. We are all in the same boat. We look forward to exchanging ideas and working together with the UEC, an important representative on the club side.”

Rafaela Pimenta, TFF Executive Vice-President, said:

“Agents have a unique understanding of the football ecosystem which derives from daily experiencing players and clubs needs and is complementary to what clubs and players perceive. The direct dialogue between agents, players and clubs is the reality of an agent’s job and the agent’s role should be mirrored in the global discussions for the future of football to find solutions that are practical and efficient.

“When each party accepts the role it plays in the discussions and the contribution it can bring without playing “God who knows it all” we will all make it for a better solution finding team. It is not useful that a third party who is distant from the needs at stake will give input on what they only see as an outsider and this should be avoided.”