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Media release 22 December 2023

TFF has taken note of FIFA’s media release dated 15 December 2023 concerning a meeting held in Jeddah with the FIFA’s “Agents working group” (FIFA’s media release).

In such release it is stated that “During the meeting, 15 representatives of professional football stakeholders and agent organisations were updated on the licensing process, as well as the practical implementation of the FIFA Football Agents Regulations, and the members of the group shared different proposals that were extensively discussed.”

It appears FIFA has not learnt from its mistakes and continues to create artificial support from orchestrated “consultation” with individuals likely speaking for themselves but not on behalf of football agents as a whole and in the interest of the profession.

FIFA keeps talking about proposals from its “agents group”. The reality is that this is not an issue of elaborating any proposals but to observe court rulings, otherwise they will be sanctioned again and again, as has already happened. The respect of the laws by FIFA cannot be portrayed to agents as a gift from FIFA or its partners”, stated TFF President Rafaela Pimenta.

FIFA’s release further mentions that “The parties also discussed the prospective signing of a memorandum of understanding between different agent organisations and FIFA, which would aim to further streamline the work of football agents across the world by recognising specific entities as the sole bodies representing the interests of football agents in the respective regions.”

It is astonishing that some people and their “agents” organizations seem to be, once more, in a position, to trade personal benefits in exchange of the future of the agents’ profession. Most of those sitting in FIFA’s “agents group” are the same who helped FIFA implement the regulations we are challenging and that in the meantime were held to be illegal by several courts and tribunals. All agents should realize that only united in firm opposition to illegal FIFA rules they stand a chance to save the profession”, said TFF Executive Vice-President Christian Rapp.

As a real and global agents’ movement, TFF will keep standing for the future of its members’ profession and defending it in the interest of agents and players.