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Comunicato stampa / Media release – 29/10/2021

COMUNICATO STAMPA Zurigo, 29 ottobre 2021 – Momento storico. The Football Forum (TFF) dà il benvenuto alla Italian Association of Football Agents (IAFA) tra i suoi membri. Al termine dell’incontro, svoltosi ieri a Monaco tra il Presidente di TFF Mino Raiola ed una delegazione di IAFA, composta dal Presidente Christian Bosco, la Vice-Presidente Helga Leoni […]
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Media release – 19 April 2021

The Football Forum (TFF) stands to protect and secure player’s rights. Players must not suffer negative consequences because of developments in football. Players have not been a part of any talks, have had no say in this week’s events and nonetheless they are being used in this discussion. One point, however, is clear and confirms […]
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Playing Through A Pandemic – A Year On

This month marks one year since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. For the first time since the 1939-40 season was abandoned at the start of World War II, professional football leagues around the world were suspended overnight. For three months, football faithfuls everywhere lost one of the great joys: live matches. As the world […]
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A review into dementia is now urgent

Former footballers are three-and-a-half-times more likely to die of dementia than the general population. This sad and shocking statistic shows we still have much to learn about the long-term impact of football on our bodies and brains. With the tragic passing of England World Cup winner Nobby Stiles due to dementia, and four of his […]
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End of year statement

It has been an extraordinary year, and for football, this is no different. The entire game has been shaken up, with a pause to matches across the world, then games played without fans and now a slow, gradual return to normality. This has been an important year also for The Football Forum (“TFF”), which has […]
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The legend that left a legacy

The game has lost one of the greats. Sadly, Diego Maradona passed away this week. While only seeing 60 years Maradona achieved what many would spend numerous lifetimes chasing: eternal greatness. Maradona’s career was unlike any other of his generation. From a young age he exploded onto the global stage, quickly becoming not just a […]
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