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Media release 2 March 2023

Zurich/Brussels, 2 March 2023

On 1 March 2023, the Football Forum (TFF) initiated legal action to challenge the “FIFA Football Agents Regulations”. TFF is bringing an action to cease and desist before the President of the Dutch speaking Brussels Enterprise Court (“Unternehmensgericht”) against FIFA and the Royal Belgian Football Association.

TFF already announced its intention to challenge the Regulations on several occasions.

TFF has the task to defend the interests of its members who would be adversely affected by the far-reaching consequences of acts of FIFA that TFF and agents consider to be illegal and did not have an alternative but to initiate legal action to seek justice. The Regulations are not about the game of football and are in no way related to it. TFF only requests the application of the law and the respect of the rights of its members.