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End of year statement

It has been an extraordinary year, and for football, this is no different. The entire game has been shaken up, with a pause to matches across the world, then games played without fans and now a slow, gradual return to normality. This has been an important year also for The Football Forum (“TFF”), which has […]
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The legend that left a legacy

The game has lost one of the greats. Sadly, Diego Maradona passed away this week. While only seeing 60 years Maradona achieved what many would spend numerous lifetimes chasing: eternal greatness. Maradona’s career was unlike any other of his generation. From a young age he exploded onto the global stage, quickly becoming not just a […]
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World Football Summit

This is a crucial time for football and we are delighted to be appearing at The World Football Summit on 26 November 2020 to talk about the biggest issues facing the game, with our board members Mino Raiola and Jonathan Barnett and director Daniele Boccucci all in attendance https://live.worldfootballsummit.com/jonathan-barnett-and-mino-raiola-agents-at-wfs-live
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