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The legend that left a legacy

The game has lost one of the greats. Sadly, Diego Maradona passed away this week. While only seeing 60 years Maradona achieved what many would spend numerous lifetimes chasing: eternal greatness.

Maradona’s career was unlike any other of his generation. From a young age he exploded onto the global stage, quickly becoming not just a great footballer but one of the first true celebrities in the game. This paved the way for generations of players to come. The modern game and celebrity status of top players is largely down to the fact that the only thing that trumped Maradona’s talent was his personality.

Career defining moments of brilliance and genius landed Maradona the joint title of player of the Century, shared with his great rival, Pele. Both wore the prestigious number 10, a number that has meant all those who wear it understand the immense privilege and pressure that the number holds.

Even after a long and successful career as a player, Maradona’s contribution to the game was not over. In 2008 he would manage Argentina’s national team, and although he never took the team to the heights of his playing career, his passion and love for the game shone through, as it always did.

Maradona’s death will be a huge loss to the game. Celebrities, footballers and friends from across the world have shared their condolences and celebrate in his genius. His personality and sense of humour lit up rooms and sometimes stadiums. As a player, a mentor and a manager he has inspired generations.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, “The Golden Kid”, as we was affectionately nicknamed, is now and will always be a true legend of the game.